Like most people, I find writing about myself to be a little bit strange. Not in the sense of telling stories or noting things that happen in my life, but in the sense of listing factoids or personality traits. Rather than awkwardly groping to find that elusive balance between realism, salesmanship and self-deprecating wit, I figured a long time ago that it’d be more fun to have someone else tell you about me in their own words.

Norm and I were sitting around a camp-fire one night, swapping stories of our hard and hearty escapades, when I asked him, “how seduced thee the dark baroness?”

As Norm would have it, on the night of his travels to a distant land, he alone approached the baroness, communicating first and foremost through the stoic, adventure-hardened radiance of his stance and the exquisite gallantry of his approach the boundlessness of his courage. Intimidated neither by the terrifying mien of her infamy nor by the sublime beauty that had made her most coveted, he calls upon her good will for an audience. Granted so, he continues:

“Hey sexy. So I was camping, right,” says he, “and there was this enormous pile of shit right next to the camp site. It smells really bad, but worse than that, it was still warm.”

As the image of Norm’s powerful figure divining by means unfathomable the temperature of an enormous pile of shit filled the mind of the baroness with untold depths of revulsion, he continued.

“The other dudes wondered what the hell was wrong with me, like I was a wuss for being afraid of a big hot pile of shit. But I told them,” he pauses, his voice deepening ominously, “indeed, I told them well – the originator of this huge pile of shit was no man, but a foul beast of tremendous stature.”

In her eyes, a twinge of interest.

“A BEAR!” Norm concludes. She gasps. “And so the lot of us ran for the hills screaming for mommy.”

After a brief interlude, during which the Baroness composes her startled features, she replies with utmost candor, “My caller is most brave and wise. I shall thus henceforth forever love you.”


This has been one of the many stories of Norm, the guy from Michigan. He has short hair and likes long walks on the beach, and candle-light dinners. He calls soda “pop” and has a life-size picture of Talim from Soul Calibur 2 enshrined in a gruesome tableau of human hair and skulls. He implored that I make “a god damn profile for my site, for fuck’s sake, jesus christ” in the future, to which I responded “whatever’s right, man, groovy,” and wrote the above story. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t just made it up.

George Michel, October 2004

Not bad, right? I should note that this was written a few years ago, back when I could still be referred to as “from Michigan.” Would that I could be as cool in reality as he makes me seem in prose!

In reality I’m just a game designer and programmer living in Madison and working at Human Head Studios. I’ve been in the industry since the beginning of 2008 and doing what I can to learn, share knowledge, design kickass games, write great code and work toward making a real impact in the industry. I love to talk about design theories, analyze what other designers are doing and generally do what I can to advance the state of modern games.

I also enjoy reading, all kinds of music, playing tons of games and web design. I’ve actually done several freelance projects for small businesses, so if you find yourself with a need for quality web design feel free to drop by my projects page to take a look at what I’ve done. Inquiries are always welcome, though my time is limited and I tend to be selective about the projects I undertake.

Most of all, though, thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find (or have already found) something here that informs or entertains, even if it’s at my own expense.