This section might be more accurately titled “stuff I’ve worked on” or “stuff I might work on someday if I find the time.” It’s a collection of things in various states of completion, particularly the “indie games” and “various stuff” sections. The web development portion has the most completed projects, but even that has a few things that never saw the light of day.

I present this stuff largely for archeological record keeping – a way of indicating that I don’t waste all of my spare time. But, in some cases there may be things people actually want to use, play or review, and wherever that’s the case you’ll find them below as well.

Indie Games


A multiplayer first-person shooter mod for Valve’s Source engine. This was a college project that went for the better part of my senior year as part of the Husky Game Development enterprise group on campus. I was the lead designer and producer on the project, responsible for the original concept, system designs and most of the task management.

The game had a couple of neat hooks: a system of linking capture points into symbols to unlock endgame, team killing as a necessary route to victory and a “netherworld” that allowed dead players to affect the match indirectly. Included below are two surviving bits from the project: a portion of the original design document and the demo video we brought to that year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Spatial Magic

This is a game I put together for the first Houghton Game Jam, of which I was the founder and organizer. The HGJ was a 24-hour game design competition similar to those found in Boston, Toronto and other places. The theme of that first year was “Space,” which I interpreted as the literal space between player characters.

The game uses the angle and distance between two players to determine the direction and strength of the spells they can cast. I decided to learn Microsofts’s (then brand new) XNA framework while making the game, something that ended up hampering the efforts as I went. However, it was an interesting experiment for a short amount of time and won me the “Most Original Concept” award in the end.

Web Development

Human Head Studios

I re-designed and developed a new website for Human Head Studios in 2009 to replace an ancient, flash-heavy site that was nearly impossible to maintain. The focus of the new design was on something professional and simple that could be easily expanded and added to as the need required.

Staying Abreast

A small business site for a breast imaging specialist who wanted to be able to give second opinions on x-rays and CT scans via the internet. It includes PayPal, UPS and Skype integration to make the procedure fast and efficient for the patients.


This was a former personal site of mine. It underwent several different re-designs in its 8 year life span, of which this was the most recent. It has since been replaced by the site you’re currently browsing! This particular design focused on bright contrasting colors with careful use of transparency to get interesting effects.

Beyond the Norm

The site you’re on right now! It replaced my old personal weblog and is the most modern (and recent) of my web designs.

Though it never launched, was a design for a Final Fantasy XI community site. The clean lines and bright colors looked professional without appearing sterile, and attention was paid to making sure useful features (such as login) were easily accessible.

Foodmonsters Linkshell

Another design that never went live (which is why these are at the end!) This was to be a front-end for a Final Fantasy XI linkshell’s website (like a guild in most other MMOs.) This was a somewhat lighthearted design, in keeping with the linkshell’s attitude, and made heavy use of image borders.